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Maria Vitsa

She was born in Alexandroupolis and is a graduate of theatrical studies at the Royal Holloway University of London. She has studied Advanced Theory of Music and has received the Certificate of Harmony at the Apollonion Conservatory of Athens, as well as the Certificate of Counterpoint at the Phaeton Conservatory in Alexandroupolis. During her studies at the Phaeton Conservatory, she has been teaching at the department of early training and music theory. She has also been involved in the writing of theatrical plays. One of her plays has been performed in England by the Theatrical Group Bare Foot. She has attended puppet-theatre seminars with Kyriaki Doxara at the Theatre of changes, acting in front of a camera, with Nikos Cornilios, and photography with Michalis Boliakis. She is a member of the Painters Association of Alexandroupolis and has participated in several exhibitions in Alexadroupolis as well as in London, during her theatrical studies. Some of the plays she has performed and directed are: Berthold Brechts The Jewish woman, Jean Genets Housemaids, Samuel Beckets Waiting for Godot, William Shakespeares Macbeth, Maria Vitsas Variations, etc.


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