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She was born in 1972 in Armenia. Since her childhood she was interested in music and at the age of 6 started studying at the Music School of Yerevan, under excellent professors. After 1988 she continued her studies at the State Conservatory of Yerevan, where she received the Piano Teachers Diploma.

Ms Eleftheriadou has participated as a soloist in several music events, and has been interested in folk music. She has attended folklore seminars under experienced professors, as Edward Mirsoyan, Alexandr Arutunian, Chatsatur Avetisian, and Robert Amirchanian.

Since 1993 she lives and works in Greece. She has participated in concerts at the municipal theatre of Alexandroupolis, organized by the Womens Association. At times she has worked as an associate teacher of music at the Music High School and Lyceum of Komotini, and at several Primary Schools in Alexandroupolis and Orestias.

Ms Eleftheriadou is married and is the mother of two children.

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